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Course Information

Why should I learn Greek?

There are many reasons why a person will want to learn another language, and in particular the Greek language.


Primarily languages help us connect and communicate with others. This might be to communicate with family or friends either at home or abroad. Some desire to learn Greek to be able to connect with their partner and their family members where they are in an interracial relationship.


Languages can also assist in qualifying or advancing a person’s career. Many people in any of the professions of the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (S.T.E.M.) like doctors, lawyers, biochemists, astrophysicists, archeologists etc., find that a lot of the terminology used in these areas come directly from the Greek language. 

Others like to learn just for fun! It's a challenge they have set for themself to master another language, in particular Greek, due to its ancient roots and deep culture. Apart from the practical rewards, learning a foreign language is like taking your brain to the gym. It feeds the brain, improves memory, enhances problem solving and critical thinking skills. It also enhances concentration and improves your listening comprehension ability.  Learning a second “logic” will result in great flexibility of mind and enhanced creativity. 


Languages help us connect with other cultures. A greater understanding of different languages and cultures promotes greater tolerance, empathy, and acceptance of others. After studying a few languages, you will see that learning another language as critical as learning to read and write or doing mathematics, for a person’s personal development.

Teaching Basis & Moving up a Level

We offer students the opportunity to learn Greek or to improve and advance their current knowledge of Modern Greek in a structured and supportive manner. Classes are based on the levels and syllabus established by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and the Australian curriculum.


In our classes we aim to enhance your reading and listening comprehension, writing, speaking and grammar. Moving up a class is based on your level of proficiency, not longevity. This allows students to really cement their learning before moving up a level and take on more challenging learning material. 


When you and your tutor believe you are ready, you can then go on to test yourself with external authorised exam provider for the proficiency levels of A1, A2, B1, B2,  Γ1 and Γ2 of The Certificate of Attainment in Greek, or Ellinomatheia. We do not conduct the exams, but we do offer support for our students if they choose this path.

Delivery Method

Lessons are held online via Zoom and Skype and attended by students from all around the world. So, there is no excuse for missing a lesson while you are enjoying the beaches in Corfu (don't forget to send us a pic!). 

Written material is also provided to you and homework or project tasks. 

Equipment Needed

Not much and you probably have it already. 

1. Stable connection to the internet


2. Webcam and microphone so you can interact with your tutor and other students in your class. This is not optional, as classes will include interactive segments where you will be required to use your camera and microphone. 

3. Access to Skype or Zoom (free accounts work best) so you can join your tutor and class. If you don't have either pop over here and get it for free 

Who can enroll and do they have to be Greek?

We are all inclusive, every adult can enroll into our classes, no matter what your heritage or background is. 

All we ask is that you are 18 years and older and conduct yourself in a professional manner during the course. 


Learning a language is not limited to a group of people of a particular ethnicity or heritage. Our classes are often a mix of Greek and non-Greek students all wanting to learn the Greek language and work together to support and encourage each other along. Non-Greek background students usually face additional challenges of not being able to practice in real life what they have learned. But we have found that being in a closeknit classroom like ours has helped many overcome these challenges where students build friendship or study groups to practice after class has finished. 

Duration of course

Our courses are for the serious Greek language learner. Courses are designed and delivered by human tutors that aim to teach you to speak like a native speaker.


Our courses are not designed for those who want quick lesson before they hop off the plane just arriving in Athens for a two-week holiday. 

  • Each course will require you to commit to a minimum of one (1) year of learning

  • Each year is broken down over three (3) terms, lasting 12-weeks each term 

  • A two (2) week break is provided between each term. 

Each term is a continuation of the previous term, eg Term 2 is a continuation of Term 1 etc. 

Term 1 – from January to April 
Term 2 – from May to July
Term 3 – from August to October 

Please note: term dates are subject to change based on enrolment demands. Where changes are needed, we will contact you to discuss in more detail. 

Course Levels



Great for those who are just starting their learning journey.



Made for those who have mastered the beginner's level and looking to move it on up!



Worked your way up the levels and ready to take on a challenge?

 Let's put you to the test. 

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