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Bench with a View

Our no-AI Statement

This is our statement to you so you are better informed about the services that we develop and deliver to you.

The content made and delivered to you has been created without the use of generative Artificial Intelligence (AI). 

That's right, its all made and delivered by real humans that care about you receiving the best education we can deliver. 

Why do we choose not to use AI or Bots?

Artificial Intelligence is rapidly dominating online content creation especially when it comes to learning a language online. This is because technology is becoming cheaper and more accessible by individuals and organisations looking to make a quick sale with very little cost outlay. When learning a language online, it can be difficult to determine whether the learning texts, artworks, films etc. we learn from are from a human mind or AI/Bots.

Communication and teaching others are at the core of what makes us human – the very heart of our shared and individual culture, values, and ideals. This could not be more important than when we teach another language and the culture that has lived and evolved over thousands of years. No matter how quickly AI can spew out regurgitated content, it cannot replicate the human connection that we all crave and need when learning another language. 

Learning another language is not easy and cannot be taught effectively and efficiently by AI or video content. Many online learning methods are removing the use of real people and replacing them with cheap AI, pre-recorded videos and apps that make you repeat a word or phrase without any real help or lesson plan.  

Human tutors are irreplaceable specialists, regardless of whose app says otherwise

A real language tutor specialises in the area of teaching a second/foreign language to non-native speakers.


They have spent many years perfecting their skills and techniques so that you don't have to fumble with sporadic broken content from multiple places, poorly recorded snippets on YouTube or TikTok and somehow figure it out on your own.

Human tutors provide full immersion and a proper learning plan

Human tutors can connect with you in ways books, AI, apps or looped-video recordings simply cannot.


A great human tutor can put themselves in their students shoes and understand the frustrations and pressures someone has with learning a language. They can adapt their teaching methods to help you get to your goal of learning a language like a native speaker. Many tutors have been through the same learning process or outside pressures (jobs, partners, kids, pets, school exams, lack of sleep etc.) that you have and can relate with your struggles and share their learning tips and tricks with you. 


It's this full immersion experience that a human can provide to correct you when you are delivering a word or phrase incorrectly, provide a different technique to use to make learning fun and easy or to just simply stop you from wandering off to get that tenth cup of coffee before you check your instagram account and realise you have lost your learning mo-jo and give up. 

Humans make learning fun and inspiring

AI, videos and apps can only keep you entertained for so long before you hit the snooze button on the reminder banner or delete it off your phone to make way for the latest game in the app store. Try doing that with your human tutor... 

Human tutors are a role model to their students, providing inspiration and interaction that you cannot get from a Bot.  Also, when you are part of a group learning with your tutors guidance you remain more focused and are more likely to achieve your goal faster. Students also gain the support of other students as well as building a community and friendships where you have something in common. 

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